Zuh is a monster from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and it is the reincarnation of Pazuzu. It guards the sixth floor of Doom Castle directly below the summit. Unlike the other three reincarnations of the Vile Four, Zuh is actually weaker than Pazuzu, with 5,000 less HP. It enters battle with Chimera and a Thanatos.

PsychShield is still dangerous as it reflects magic, but Zuh may use PsychShield on the party to no apparent effect but minimal damage - it will not reflect spells cast on either the party or on Zuh. Its attacks are also strong, including Doom Dance which instantly kills a character. With Doom Dance, PsychShield and the Dark King's weakness to Cure, Zuh is arguably the hardest boss of the game.


Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Boss 15 - Zuh02:09

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Boss 15 - Zuh

Zuh boss fight