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Zu-Gumun-Ba (ズ・グムン・バ Zu Gumun Ba?)/Unidentified Life Form #1 (未確認生命体1号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Ichigō?): The first of the Gurongi to appear, Gumun first appeared in south Nagano weaving a web on the 1532 MK Building, overwhelming law enforcement as he attacks them without mercy with his power to spray webbing and create claw extensions on his hands. Crashing into the police station, Gumun slaughters the police officers until Yuusuke puts on the Arcle, being targeted by the Gurongi as he becomes Kuuga in "Growing Form" in a fight that ends with Gumun being knocked out of a helicopter several feet in the air. Surviving the fatal fall, Gumun reappeared to settle the score while aiding Gooma. But in the end, the Zu was mortally wounded by Kuuga' Mighty Kick, screaming his intent to kill Kuuga as he explodes.