Zoxim was a demon in the TV show Strange. She was from Africa, and she had existed for a very long time. Like many of the demons in the show, she was famous for her longevity. She presumably presided over plague-ridden villages, luring out sickly or old persons where they would not be missed.

Zoxim travelled in a rickety cart, back in prehistoric times, and she wore a long hooded robe to remain indiscreet. Zoxim became a tale of terror and parents and villagers would seek to protect their tribes from her nocturnal visits.

Zoxim could be immortal so long as she drained the blood of a live human and consumed their soul for a week every month, and she would remain immortal and humanoid so long as this happened. If she by any chance missed her chance to feed, she would combust into flame and ash and her power would be broken.

The demon disappeared for awhile from Africa, but suddenly she reappeared in modern twenty-first century London, where priest John Strange was recovering from an onslaught of demons. Nobody believed that it was demons who had killed his friends, and he set out to prove the existence of demons. Strange had already met two demons.

When people began to be found turning up at train and railway tracks, indescribably aged and mysteriously dead, Strange guessed this was the work of a demon, and he told Jude of this knowledge. Jude had been the wife of the first demon, Azal, and she had only learned of his true nature recently. Strange tried to follow the trial of corpses round the city, and when a good friend of Jude's was murdered, he got lost on the trial.

However Jude's son, Joey, came to the rescue and told Strange he'd forgotten the route of the night bus, and gave Strange the destination. Determined, Strange got to the bus only to find Jude in the midst of being attacked by the demon Zoxim, who was using the body of the minister's wife as a human guise. Zoxim had been sitting on the back of the bus with the souls of her victims surrounding her and had hypnotized the driver into guiding her to her victims. Zoxim boasted how she had to kill before midnight and began slashing Jude with her cat-like claws, but was suddenly distracted by Strange jumping in through the roof, and this put off Zoxim long enough for the clock to strike midnight. With a scream, the demon turned into ash and fire and rained out through the roof, back to Hell. The ghosts of her victims disappeared soon afterwards.