Why did you say punk!? You think I can't beat you by myself? You're just a pathetic loser! You couldn't beat me in all of ... never ending ... ETERNITY!
~ Zowie to U-1

Zowie, also known as Lord Zowie or Prince Zowie is the main antagonist of the 2002 PlayStation 2 rhythm game Gitaroo Man and it's PlayStation Portable port Gitaroo Man Lives!. He is the leader of the Gravillian Empire and he has a pet cat named Ming-Ming. He is voiced by Douglas Kirk in the English version.


Zowie has big red horns coming out of his head and small yellow horns. He has red eyes and white hair. He wears a red cape but not in the 2P Vs. Play. He also wears a evil-looking costume.



Zowie in his armored gitaroo.

It is unknown who the king or queen who originated from the Gravillian Empire are but he is the prince of the Gravillians. It is claimed by Gregorio Siegfried Wilhelm III that no one has seen Zowie's gitaroo. It can be seen in 2P Vs. Play, it appears similar to the main protagonist U-1's gitaroo but with darker colors. He has a pet cat named Ming-Ming who Gregorio claims is hard to handle. Zowie's goal is to obtain all the legendary gitaroos to take over the universe. He has every single one except U-1's legendary gitaroo. Zowie is determined to take the gitaroo from U-1 and rule the universe. He bears a strong resemblance to U-1's bully and classmate on earth, Kazuya although the two aren't related.

He first comes into contact with U-1 as a hologram coming out of a blimp. He demands the gitaroo but U-1 refuses. He then bullies U-1 telling him he cannot defeat him. Later on, the day after U-1 plays the "Legendary Theme" for a girl he just met named Kirah, Zowie kidnaps Puma. U-1 falls into a trap which makes him end up in the area were the prisoners Zowie captured are. U-1 soon finds out that Zowie was the one who kidnapped Puma. He orders the Sanbone Trio to defeat U-1. Once U-1 defeats the Sanbone Trio and Gregorio, he ends up in Gitaroo Arena. Where Zowie prepares the stage for the test to see who the true ruler of Planet Gitaroo is. The strongest Gravillian warrior is none other than Kirah! Kirah eventually betrays Zowie by going to U-1's side and realizing her music is not for fighting. Zowie then unleashes his armored gitaroo, a giant mech suit! Zowie tells U-1 he cannot beat him in all of never ending eternity, which makes U-1 beyond furious. Zowie continues to bully U-1 which eventually unleashes U-1's true form. The two fight in a final battle over Planet Gitaroo. U-1 ultimately defeats Zowie and he falls into space.