Zoser is the Prime Minister of Egypt and the main antagonist in the musical Aida.

He is first seen after Radames comes back after a raid non Nubia which is Egypts arch enemy and this results in many Nubian slaves being captured. He originally has themn sent down to the copper mines but Radames saves their lives by having them sent to the Gardens where they can help with the harvest. After it is revealed Egypt's pharoah is dying Radames goes to the Pharoah to care for him little does he know that Zoser and the ministers are poisoning the monarch with arsenic in order to accellerate Radames' ascension to the throne. After a minister is revealed to have collected some arsenic the ministers leav for the banquet where Zoser serves a very minor role. After Zoser says "Welcome to your new life son" he does not appear for the rest of Act 1.

In Act 2 the war has ascended and Zoser reveals that he has arranged a marraige which makes Radames furious and tells him he does not care about the throne because he is not like his father and never will be but Ministers and Zoser say opposite. After an argument Radames leaves.

Zoser is then seen at the wedding where his plan to go by water fails as Radames hasa the docks sealed off. Seeing Aida alive he has a guard kill her but then fights with Mereb and kills him. After Radames says he tied thier fates together Zoser flees. It is unkown what happens to Zoser although the phaorah does have him captured but he is either imprisoned or executed.

The songs sung by Zoser

Aida - Like Father Like Son03:10

Aida - Like Father Like Son

Aida - Another Pyramid03:34

Aida - Another Pyramid