Zorran is the main antagonist of the children's series TUGS. He is a leader of the Z-Stacks. Although he goes under the command of his boss Captain Zero for which he is affiliated with the Z-Stacks, he orders about the other tugs which he works with. Always out to stop the rival tug boat company the Star Tugs, he goes to drastic lengths in order for them to fail but not the point of complete destruction.


  • His design is loosely based on the Moran Fleet of NYC waters from the 1920's.
  • He is voiced by Chris Tulloch who also designed most of the characters and wrote some of the stories for the show.
  • In the Japanese version of TUGS, he's voiced by Hazime Ozeki.
  • In the show Salty's Lighthouse, he's voiced by Scott McNeil and in later episodes by Kirby Morrow.
  • A few interesting scenes with Zorran appear in Munitions:
    • He orders Zak to tread carefully with explosives, showing that he does treat some jobs carefully and steadily.
    • Bluenose tries to speed up the process of loading the explosives by attempting to get his load in first. O.J calls him out on this, but Bluenose insults him. Zebedee joins in, but Zorran, of all tugs, openly agrees with O.J.
    • During the fire, Bluenose becomes trapped. Ten Cents moves to save him and who should be the first to yell at him to get out of there, but Zorran.