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Zorn, despite the fact Q was around, was the main antagonist of the series premiere episode "Encounter at Farpoint" of the hit TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also has the distinction of being the first antagonist of the series as well as the rest of The Next Generation Era. He was portrayed by Michael Bell.


Zorn is member of an alien race known as the Bandi. He was a Groppler, which is a civic leader, of a community on Deneb IV. He was directly responsible for the capture and torture of a space-faring unknown shape-shifting alien. He and his people would force the alien to form a space station and would call it Farpoint Station. The Station's mysterious nature would attract the United Federation of Planets. Zorn would meet with the crew of the USS Enterprise in order to get the Federation interested in the station. The alien would perform miracles to get the starfleet officers attention.

Another alien much like the one they captured came to Deneb IV and attacked the Bandi for what they done to it's mate. It also captured Zorn and tortured him in the same matter he tortured it's mate.

After Zorn was teleported back to the Enterprise where Jean-Luc Picard confronted Zorn and told him that he figured out what Zorn has done. Picard would help the alien free it's captured mate and Picard would chew out Zorn and was ordered to rebuild the station. It could be assumed that he was taken custody by the Federation for unprovoked inhumane acts against an alien.

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