Zoran is main villain of the 2009 french animated film Lascars.

He is a french dealer who lives in ghetto, during the movie, he wants to kill the main protagnist: Tony Merguez. At the beginning, Zoran entrust selling of drugs to Tony Merguez, but he will lost it and it's now impossible to pay back Zoran. In parallel, he is looking for a girlfriend, but all his appointment are failed by Tony, that throw a fit of anger in Zoran.

Other informations

  • He is dubbing by Gilles Lellouche.
  • He is very dangerous because he has got lot of firearms.
  • He doesn't hesitate to kill and seems lead a little gang of dealers.
  • He is probably uncultivated, because he doesn't know the German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • He drives a BMW Serie 3 E46.
  • He is clumsy with fireamrs, because he accidentally shoots his foot whereas he took his pistol in hand.
  • In a final scene, he attacks Tony Merguez with a chain saw, and he is very skillful with it.