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Zoonama (DBGT)
Zoonama is a minor villain in Dragon Ball GT.


Zoonama resembles a monstrous catfish, only with two long whiskers that can generate earthquakes. On the planet Gelvo, he brought the villagers into fear and despair with his power to create earthquakes. Eventually, he demanded that the village pick one of their women to marry him. Laine was selected, and Zoonama accepted, but decided to pick her up the next day. But the next day, Goku, Doma and Pan disguised Trunks as her, so he would take him to his hideout and they would be able to follow him and cut his whiskers. After making him eat a bunch of berries soaked in sàke, Zoonama went assertive, but later was knocked out from it. Doma succededd in cutting off his left whisker, but before he could get the next one, Zoonama woke up. He caused an earthquake, but when it stopped Zoonama was still doing his dance, which he preforms while causing them. In confusion, Pan realized he doesn't cause them, but he can predict them, and he was too drunk to notice that it ended. After knowing they have found out, he cries to them for forgiveness. But he warned them that he predicted the volcano was about to erupt. Everyone flees, and Goku uses a kamehameha wave to blow it up. After that, Zoonama joined the village.

He was last seen when Goku is gathering energy for the spirit bomb to destroy Omega Shenron. He and the villagers were seen lending their energy.

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