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Zona Luka

Zona Luka was a Jedi Knight who became a Sith acolyte and an antagonist in the Star Wars Tales of the Jedi series.


Zona Luka was a padawan of Jedi Master Dominus after she was taken into the Jedi Order.  She was one of the few Jedi who was recruited by Exar Kun to the planet Ossus. Like Exar Kun, she developed a curiosity towards the teaching of the dark side and the secrets of the force.  Exar Kun showed a holocron to Luka and opened it, causing the Sith spirits to corrupt her and made her more obedient to the Sith's cause while.

Kun sent Zona to kill her own Jedi Master Dominus. She confronts her old master and was killed swiftly.

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