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I want to make love, even when I'm dead! My body might get cold, but it's always hot in my bed! Make love! Don't you be afraid! Just because my heart ain't beating, it don't mean you won't get laid!
~ Zombie Chef singing a parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

The Zombies were a hostile species and Undead humans that plagued South Park in the Halloween episode Pinkeye.


The zombies first started to appear when the Mir space station crash landed on top of Kenny, killing him. He was taken to the morgue but came back as a zombie when a bottle of Worcestershire sauce was accidentally poured into the embalming fluid. He bit the mortician and his assistant. They went to a doctor, and he mistakenly diagnosed them as having "pinkeye". Since then, many people have been turned to zombies. Many people have been attacked, but the townspeople just took this as a "pinkeye epidemic". Only Chef knew what was really going on. When Stan, Kyle, and Cartman came to his house, he told them what was happening, and they went to the morgue for some answers.

At the morgue, they found the bottle of Worcestershire sauce. The zombies made their way into the morgue and turned Chef into a zombie, doing a parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller afterwards. Stan and Cartman grabbed a couple of chainsaws and started killing zombies while Kyle called the hotline number on the Worcestershire sauce bottle. The operator told him not to kill all the zombies left and right but to kill the zombie that started the whole mess. Kyle grabbed a chainsaw and kills Kenny by splitting him in half. The zombies return to normal, even the ones that were killed.

Symptoms of "Pinkeye"

  • An greenish pale skin for later (few to several hours)
  • A craving for human flesh within hours or minutes
  • Mildly decaying for hours
  • Severe progress to insomnia within minutes
  • Infecting others by biting
  • Progress to Temporary coma
  • Some Brain Functions still worked after being infected
    • They are good singers as one of working brain functions
  • Three to few others zombie-like behaviors and characteristics

Victims of "Pinkeye"

  • Kenny McCormick (Original Victim and Head-zombie, later deceased)
  • Mortician and his assistant (Second and third victims)
  • Wendy Tastaburger (One of victims, later cured)
  • Clyde Donovan (One of victims, later cured)
  • Pip Pirrup (One of victims, later cured)
  • Bebe Stevens (One of victims, later cured (Also unseen)
  • Chef (One of victims, later cured)
  • Hundred of South Park residents (Mostly victims, later deceased or cured)