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Are the undead who infected from unnamed virus that "Reanimate" the dead. And main antagonist in Source Mod with same name. And Win in 2011 Mult-player mods of year awards. And are loosely base from Living dead series zombie unlike other value made zombie game "left 4 dead" which some zombies are loosely from 28 Days later series version.

Zombies (Bottom)

Types of Zombie

Walkers zombies

Are stereotypical slow-walk style zombie will attack you and may infected you and trying slow you down.

Runners zombies

Unlike walker they have of lack of dead muscle and will indeed infected to you or kill you and hard to kill.

"Dwarf" zombies

Is hardest to kill to and they combine Walkers and Runners they kill and run fast. And look obvious to and they very-like children.

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