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The fictional Zombies—played by actors in Real Life—are the antagonists of the British reality show, I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse. Their fictional backstory is they were humans who were infected by a "virus" from their smartphones that contained a "super-fast 5G wifi network" that had gone horribly wrong.


After the 5G network was launched in the UK, the people went crazy installing it into their smartphones. Unfortunately, because the scientists skipped the proper tests, a virus emerged from the Wifi, and mutated the users' DNA, increasing irritable and violent behavior. Within six months, the virus spread all around the UK and the people turned into zombies. Those who does not have a smartphone would have no choice but to find cover.

One group of survivors (Megan, Nic, Aston, Natasha, Luke, Jackie, Amena, Leah, Kavon, Sara, Thom, Jordan, and Jonas), who given instructions by the army, seeked refuge at the Monroe Shopping Village while trying to barricade themselves from the zombies and wait for seven days for the Army to come and rescue them. They also had to risk their lives on completing missions to replenish their supplies while trying to avoid the zombies. During the week, the zombies managed to kill 8 survivors, while one of them somehow has a smartphone and becomes a zombie after being exposed by the 5G.

When the day came for the army to rescue the survivors, the zombies have breached the survivors' hideout forcing them to flee for their lives. Eventually, four suvivors were rescued by the army. It is currently unknown what happened to the zombies after that, or if the cure has ever been found.


  • Numerous victims prior to the Monroe Shopping Village event.
  • Luke Shaw
  • Thom Oakley
  • Kavon Everett
  • Jonas Zimnickas
  • Sara Donegan
  • Jordan Lewis
  • Jackie McKenzie
  • Aston Wilkins
  • Greg James (turned him into a zombie)