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Zombies happytreefriends
In the Happy Tree Friends segment "Remains to Be Seen", a majority of the main HTF cast become a group of Zombies that Lumpy must combat if he wishes to survive the night.

Remains to Be Seen

As the group makes their way to the next Trick-or-Treat destination, Flippy has a flashback while driving a truck carrying barrels of nuclear waste. In his deranged state, Flippy hits the accelerator and crashes the truck into the Trick-or-Treating crowd. They all perish as the barrels of nuclear waste spill around them. Lumpy, being a graveyard digger and caretaker in this short, buries the corpses and prepares to leave for the night.

Due to the nuclear waste, the cast rise from the grave as zombies, scaring Lumpy who attempts to remove them through reburial and severing their undead bodies with a lawnmower. However, his lawnmower is stopped by the reanimated and bifurcated Flippy who attacks Lumpy, eventually biting his hand off. In a parody of Evil Dead 2, Lumpy replaces his lost hand with a leaf blower (while intending to affix a chainsaw to his wrist). However, the leaf blower jams into one of the zombified Flippy's eyes, causing his brain to comically inflate. The oversized brain naturally draws the attention of the other zombies and the zombified Toothy takes a bite. The ensuing pop destroys the zombies, saving Lumpy in the end-save for his hand that reanimates and attacks him.


For the most part, the Zombies behaved as general zombies tend to do with shuffling and moaning. Most of them also shared the craving for flesh-particularly noted and parodied with the zombified Cuddles and Giggles eating intestines Lady and the Tramp style.

Zombie Flippy, however, was an anomaly. Still stuck in his deranged form, Flippy seemed less concerned with satiating a desire for flesh and more with killing Lumpy. He also showed signs of his general resourcefulness, such as how he fixed his bifurcated state by splitting another zombie in half and taking his legs. However, his tendency to attack on sight brought on his undoing.

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