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Zombie Santino Marella is a brainwashed version of Santino Marella who appeared in the video game Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, he was originally Santino Marella who, after he was blinded by the Mystic Urn's power sent by The Undertaker caused Santino Marella to be turned to the dark side, he was defeated by Rey Mysterio and turned back to his regular form and redeemed by The Undertaker. He is also an attire of Santino if you let Rey Mysterio win the match.


Santino Marella was blinded by The Undertaker's Mystic Urn that infected him, he was later possessed by The Undertaker who has used his power to take control of a member of Nu School during the handicap match, his pupils were erased and his skin was turned green like much like Hulk, he loses his ability to talk and obeys to The Undertaker, Santino was turned back into his regular form by The Undertaker following his defeat against Rey Mysterio when you select the opponent Santino in Road of Wrestlemania with The Undertaker, Zombie Santino Marella is an attire of Santino Marella when you let Rey Mysterio won.

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