Zombie Pigs

Zombie Piggies, or simply Undead Piggies, are minor villains who appeared in the episdose of Night of the Living Pork Angry Birds Toons, they was originally Bad Piggies who have been cursed by the Count Pork which turns all Piggies into zombies, they make their first appearence on the virtual game Angry Birds Friends.


On a spooky night, at the spooky cemetery and at the King's Haunted Palace, King Pig's eating a huge pie of candy. He noticed someone knocked the door. He opened it, he saw a pig wearing a mask trick-or-treating to him. He ignored the pig, refusing to give him candies. Again, he opened the door when he heard someone knocked the door. He got angry to him, but suddenly, the pig removed the mask, and King Pig's afraid of him --- it was a Zombie Pig! Then, the zombie pigs are coming to eat his huge pie of candy. King Pig was hiding under the desk, full with fears.

Bubbles came, he also does trick-or treating. He knocked the door, and the zombie pigs opened the door. He said to them that he wants candies. He saw a huge pie of candy, passes over the zombie pigs. He stuffed his bag with candies, but King Pig noticed it. Bubbles brought his bag back to his hideout, but one of the zombie pigs pull his bag, Bubbles also tightly pulled his bag, like a Tug-Of-War. But the zombie pig's teeth was a false set of teeth. His teeth chases the zombie pig, and he ran away.

Bubbles laughed about it, but the zombie pigs blocked his way to his hideout. He fights the zombie pigs. King Pig was amazed and proud of him. He hits some zombie pigs using a weighted ball connected to a chain. When he saw a zombie pig, he twists the lollipop around him and laughed. King Pig collects the lollipop directly. When he noticed and saw a zombie pig eating cotton candy, he's swinging him and he let him go through the palace window.

The Zombie Pig had an idea; He rings the bell from a well to wake up and walk out zombies from their death. Bubbles saw them, and shouted, while King Pig gathers some candies in his cart, and he brings it. Bubbles inflates himself into huge size like his powers in the game. The zombie pigs ran away, but they're being thrown, and also the candies. King Pig also run. He hide himself in the curtains, but he left the cart with candies in!, Bubbles deflated himself and laughed at them.

Then King Pig saw that the cart was empty and he cried for it. Bubbles felt sorry for King Pig, dropped him a gumball and King Pig eats it. But then he saw the zombie pig's false set of teeth again and it started chasing him around the palace, like the zombie pig last time.