Doll Graveyard
Zombie Dolls are the main villains of "Doll Graveyard".


In 1911, an abusive stepfather forces his daughter to bury her four handmade dolls (an African warrior, a German soldier, a baby girl, and a samurai) in their backyard, despite her pleas. After the girl accidentally falls in and breaks her neck, the stepfather buries her with the dolls. Years later, in 2005, the father lives there with his two children, the older daughter, Deedee, and his younger son, Guy. The father is about to leave on a date, and Deedee protests watching him, as well as doing housework, though the father says it's only fair since Guy is doing the yard work. As Guy is raking, he finds the samurai doll, and cleans him up, to where Deedee threatens to reveal about his porno collection if he doesn't help clean. He refuses and reminds her that he knows about the weed she has hidden, and a diary of sexual fetishes, some of which he thinks "Might be illegal in forty states".

The father leaves for his date, and Deedee invites her friends over, Olivia and Terry. Guy discovers Terry likes the same action figures he does, though, as she begs him to "keep the little party a secret", of which he bashfully agrees to. After being in his room, two boys come in that Olivia invited, and tie up Guy after breaking one of his priceless action figures. They go and meet the girls, and after that, the Samurai recruits the other buried dolls to take their revenge.

Known Dolls

  • an African warrior
  • a German soldier
  • a Baby girl
  • a Samurai