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Zombie Clowns are citizens of Bellwood transformed by the Airborne Clown Virus.


The Zombie Clowns appear to be the citizens of Bellwood in all sorts of Clown Outfits.

Powers and Abilities

Their powers are from what they were before being transformed but they are clownified. They can spit out chomping teeth to infect others into becoming Zombie Clowns.

They have also displayed the ability to shoot acid from the flower on their chests and use a pair of tied together shoes as bolas.


  • When Zombozo's Zombie Head Ball is destroyed, the Zombie Clowns are returned to normal.
  • The Zombie Clowns aren't that smart and only want to infect others to transform them into Zombie Clowns.
  • They also aren't that fast and can only walk at a slow pace.
  • It appears that Zombie Clowns can only say "Come one, come all", except Driba, who said "Don't come one, don't come all."