Zoe Rivas is the new mean girl on Degrassi as of season 13, serving as the main antagonist/anti-heroine in seasons 13 and 14. Her character happened to be an actress on a fictional show in the

Zoe Rivas Season 14

Degrassi world. In the episode Summertime, she takes Tristan into a concert and left Maya out of it. She later also stomped on Maya's foot. She later steals Tristan's crush, Miles. She loses her virginity to popular senior and School President Drew Torres, only to be dumped shortly after. Her antagonistic ways continue throughout the season, up until her sexual assault. After she is assaulted by Luke Baker and Neil Martin, she changes her ways. She goes to court and sues Luke and Neil and, although things are tough at first, manages to win her lawsuit.

In season 14, Zoe is determined to reinvent herself and sees joining Power Cheer as an opportunity to do just that. However, after Becky turns her down by citing that she's a distraction due to her baggage (referring to her sexual assault), she ends up becoming the leader of Power Cheer after revealing Clare's pregnancy to everyone, causing Becky to sprain her ankle. She then reverts to her antagonistic ways, pushing the team to the edge and even forcing them to Oomfchat nudes for money (which, in turn, causes Frankie to leave the team). A little later on, she receives blackmail text messages threatening to expose her Oomfchat scheme if she doesn't quit the team. The entire Power Cheer squad confronts Hunter Hollingsworth about it and threatens to expose his comic if he doesn't lay off with the texts. Ultimately, her scheme blows up in her face when she gets exposed by the anonymous blackmailer, who turned out to be Winston Chu.

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