Zoe loft
"Join the Maniacs - you don't have to be crazy.. but it helps! HA HA HA!"

-Zoe Loft


Zoe Loft is one of the leading figures in the Maniacs gang, an enemy faction of Champions Online. She is psychopathic woman with a hatred of all things ordered and seems to geniunely revel in sociopathic behavior and attitudes.

In Game

In game the player can get a mission from Police Chief Surhoff called The Brains Behind the Breakout to go into the sewers and stop Zoe Loft. There, she is helping prisoners break out of WestSide Jail in hopes of recruiting them into the Maniacs gang. After fighting through a swarm of Escaped Prisoners and Maniac gang members, the player confronts Zoe. She is a Supervillain rank enemy who attacks with a laser gun and uses explosives. After her defeat, she is locked away in prison with Frank Zaretti (a villain the player faces later). She is once again defeated and is teleported away by Hi Pan. Later, she makes one final appearance in The Westside Intrigue Culmination mission given by Shuroff. In it, the player goes into a building (which is the hidden Temple of the Death Dragon). Here, it is revealed that she was merely a pawn in Hi Pan's plans to take over Westside. She is killed by the Death Dragon after her usage had been done.