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Zod Duck

Zod Duck portrayed by Daffy Duck.

General Zod Duck is a supervillain duck and an antagonist from the Looney Tunes Show, he is portrayed by Daffy Duck and he is based on General Zod, the supervillain from the DC Comics.


Daffy tells Bugs Bunny the story about the superheroes from other planet, in a Alternate reality world, Super-Rabbit (played by Bugs Bunny) defeated an green alien by avoiding his attacks from it.

In the Phantom Zone, Zod Duck (played by Daffy Duck) goes on the Metropolis to build a giant golden statue of himself with his villainous assistants when he saw Bugs Kent doing an interview, he then challenges Bugs who becomes Super-Rabbit, Bugs later defeats Zod Duck throwing him in the golden statue, Bugs uses his X-Ray to collapse the golden statue into crushing Zod Duck. Later, he and his old henchmen are sold in a new Phantom Zone discovered by Bugs.

After Zod's demise, Bugs later goes to the Phantom Zone to drop his Superman costume for good and he later becomes Bat-Rabbit.


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