Zoboron is a Mamodo and a villain in the manga/anime series Zatch Bell.


Zoboron came from the Mamodo world in order to participate in the fight to become the Mamodo king. It is unknown how he and his partner, Hige, met. However, in the course of their travals they met and battled Purio and his partner Lupa. Realizing that they're powers complimented one another, the four joined forces before for a time before meeting and Battling Kiyo and Zatch. They were defeated in this battle, resulting in Zoboron's book being burned and him being sent back to the mamodo world.

Powers and Abilities

We are only shown two spells that Zoboron posses, both of them being slow moving but high damage energy projectiles. Dogurak is a slow moving sphere of extremely destructive energy, while Oru Dogurak is a stronger version of his first spell that is slightly faster and controllable.