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Zoanoids, also known as "Beastialized Soldiers" (in Japanese: 獣化兵), are human beings that have undergone genetic modification to become monstrous creatures designed for combat. In the Guyver series, these living weapons are the soldiers of the Cronos Corporation. They come in many sizes and shapes and possess many different superhuman abilities. Cronos intends to transform the entire human race into Zoanoids, which are all susceptible to the psychic control of the Zoalords.

Zoanoid Types

Power Types

Zoanoids that have been optimized for superior physical strength.

Bio-Blaster Types

Zoanoids armed with organically-grown laser weapons. They are physically weaker than power-type Zoanoids but make up for it with their intense firepower.


Zoanoids optimized for undersea combat.


Weaker Zoanoids that are engineered to possess great speed and agility.


Hyper-Zoanoids are advanced one-of-a-kind zoaforms optimized under the most careful conditions. They possess significantly greater abilities than standard Zoanoids and are even capable of confronting the Guyver on more-or-less equal terms.

Movie appearance


The Zoanoids in the live-action movie The Guyver.

The Zoanoids appears as villains alongside the Cronos Corporation in both the 1990 film The Guyver (released in Europe as Mutronics) and its sequel Guyver 2: Dark Hero (also known as The Guyver 2).

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