Ziton Moj was a crime lord in the Star Wars series. Twenty years before the Battle of Yavin, Ziton Moj was part
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of the criminal organization Black Sun, and was the captain of the guard's faction Xomit Grunseit. When Darth Maul, Savage Opress and Pre Vizsla came on Mustafar to offer Grunseit to partner with them and be part of their Collective Shadow, he refused. Savage then beheaded the five members of the faction, and Ziton Moj finally decided to ally with them.

Moj then took part in the capture of Mandalore by the Collective of Shadows. He sowed chaos on the docks of Sundari, before being arrested by the forces of Bo-Katan Kryze and be introduced to the crowd as a prisoner. However, he remained loyal to Maul and was always at his side when he took Mandalore.

He was later on Ord Mantell when the remaining forces Maul came refuge there after the debacle on Zanbar. It was part of the forces that remained on the ground and held position facing the land forces of General Grievous. They were surrounded by droids Separatists]], but when all hope seemed lost, the droids were deactivated and the win went to Grievous camp. Subsequently, Ziton Moj refused to send ships of the Black Sun to rescue Maul on Dathomir, leaving the Mandalorians do it.