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(ジルコン Jirukon) is Zirconia's pet, companion and tool, and it is an eyeball, who has two batlike wings and a flame. He can usually be found on top of Zirconia's staff, but is also sent to take pictures of the Dead Moon Circus's targets to give to the Amazon Trio or the Amazoness Quartet. The latter often chases Zirconia around.

In the beginning, it simply floats around his staff, but later can fly anywhere, and Zirconia uses it to gather images of those with beautiful dreams. He also uses it as a weapon, or to spy on his underlings. When Zircon is hit hard, any images it has gathered but not yet presented become distorted. It can also be used as a weapon with which to remove a human's Dream Mirror, similar to the Amazon Stones of the Amazoness Quartet.

He was killed along with Zirconia when Queen Nehelenia escaped from her mirror, destroying Zirconia for his failures.

In the manga, Zircon assisted Zirconia during the fight against the Sailor Senshi. After Zirconia called for a retreat of the Dead Moon Circus and they fled to Elysion, Zircon flew and became a headpiece of Nehelenia. It was sealed away with Nehelenia in the end of the Dream Arc.