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You want the disk? Over my dead body, fools!
~ Zipang

Zipang is one of the villains from Battle Circuit. He is a member of the Delete Gang, riding on a strange snail creature and being accompanied by many small creatures who serve him as his minions. Ordered by Pluto to retrieve the Shiva System disk, he invades Dr. Saturn's lab, taking the disk and capturing Dr. Saturn and the five bounty hunters who were also after the disk, leaving them with Doc in their prison camp while he took the disk to Pluto. The bounty hunters escape the camp and defeat Doc, giving chase after Zipang in the streets of Fujiyama City. They find Zipang in one of his boats, but he flees, leaving his Cyber Samurai to deal with them. They defeat the Cyber Samurai and catch up to Zipang, who then decides to fight them. They seemingly defeat him, but he gets up and decide to go all out, unleashing his full power. Even so, he ends defeated. He tells the bounty hunters he have already delivered the disk to Pluto, and that he went to the Shiva System ruins to activate it.