The Zillo Beast is the main antagonist and tragic villain of the "Zillo Beast" two-parter in Star Wars The Clone Wars.


The Zillo Beast was a species native to Malastare. They preyed upon the native dugs until the dugs harnessed the gas needed to kill them. Soon all but one Zilo Beast was left alive and it had hid itself underground for many years.


After a fierce battle against the Seperatists, Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu unintetionly awoke the beast after using a super weapon to destroy the droid armies. The dugs aiding them against the sepratists wanted to kill the beast, but the Jedi wanted to study it. Chancelor Palpatine discovered this, he ordered the beast to be brought to Coruscant to extract it's indestructable skin to be used as armor for the clone army. Using stun technology, the beast was subdued.

Rampage on Coruscant

The Zillo beast was brought to a lab where it was discovered the only way to harness it's skales were to remove them. When the biologist(who wanted to study the beast rather then use it as a weapon of war) discovered this, Palpatine suggested the beast be killed, calling it just a dumb animal. The beast at that point seemed to develop an unusual hatred for Palpatine, possibly being aware that he was sith. When the biologist tried to kill the beast, it broke free from the lab and reaked havoc on coruscant, damaging and destroying many buildings, and injuring and killing many people. The beast headed streight for the Chancelor's building intending to kill him. However Anakin, Padme, C3PO and R2D2 rescued the chanceelor, but the beast grabbed their ship as it tried to escape. Tragicly, the beast was slain by republic forces using the same gas that killed the rest of it's kind, although the jedi were saddned by the beasts death. Later Palpatine ordered the biologist to clone the beast.


  • The Zilo Beast has many things in comman with giant monsters like Godzilla and King Kong, all three of them have tragic histories, are hated by many people, but at least one cared for each of them and wanted to study them, as a result the episode is very much like a giant monster movie.
  • The two-part episode was possibly created to show how corrupt the republic had become, and give more indications that it would soon become the evil Galactic Empire.
  • Palpatine seemed very interested in killing the beast, and the episode began showing the true evil hiding inside of him. There were numerous episodes that showed his true nature breaking through his disguise, but the Zilo Beast two part seemed to show his most sadistic and evil nature.