Zigmas Milko is the secondary antagonist in Hannibal Rising. Milko is a Lithuanian war criminal and a close associate with Vladis Grutas, a man who led a group of looters during World War II. Milko is a talented marksman and assassin for the group, also having been one of the men responsible for cannibalizing Mischa Lecter.

He is the 2nd of Grutas' Group to be killed by Hannibal Lecter and his third overall victim.


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  • 2 medics (sniped, shot in the head)
  • Probably many more civilians and soldiers.
  • Probably also killed many more in Paris as a hitman (especially since he's a sniper).


  • Was an accomplice and, sometimes, probably, a direct murderer in at least 9 cases when victims were cannibalized by the Group (including Mischa Lecter).


  • Hannibal Lecter


  • He is played by Stephen Walters.
  • It is unknown how Hannibal canniblized Milko's cheeks after drowning him in poison.


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