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David "Ziggy" Roscoe is an anti-hero in Hollyoaks.


Ziggy had a short-lived relationship with Ruby Button. Ziggy is a model who finds himself out of work quite a lot. He begins modeling for a lonely wives website with help from Nana McQueen,which puts his potential relationship with Leela Lomax (Kristy-Leigh Porter), in jeopardy, after she catches him "flexing" in the toilets whilst they are on a date. However, they later reconcile. George Smith confides in Ziggy about meeting a man that he came across on an online dating site. Ziggy tells George to go for it, but later discovers that the man was actually Danny - Leela's father. Leela visits Ziggy and they have sex in a customer's car at the mechanics'. George arrives and talks to Ziggy about Danny, not realizing Leela is in the garage and can hear. She blames Ziggy for playing a part in the ruination of her family and ends their relationship. In 2015, he marries Leela, but in fact, he doesn't love her, his true love was Leela's sister Tegan.


Ziggy is a charmer who is billed as "confident and hilariously vain". Although he has luck with the ladies, he is known for falling in and out of love very quickly.

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