Zhu Tam is a supporting antagonist of the 2002 film I Spy. He is a terrorist from an unnamed small Asian country.

He is portrayed by Dana Lee.


Zhu Tam was sent in Budapest by his government to participate in the auction of the Switchblade, the most sophisticated prototype stealth fighter plane that can becoming invisible to both radar and naked eye, with which he plans to bombard Washington. Three days after arriving in Budapest, Zhu Tam is invited to a reception organized by Arnold Gundars, a successful illegal arms dealers and the holder of the Switchblade. Once at Gundars's palace, Zhu Tam goes to his host's office for a meeting with him. Gundars manages to convince him to participate in the bidding, but unknown to them the BNS Special Agent Alex Scott is spying on them.

The following evening, Zhu Tam returns to Gundars's palace and finally gains the auction, therefore they go on top of a tower of the Chain Bridge where the Switchblade is hidden. There, they conclude the sale and Gundars gives the plane's activation code to Zhu Tam, who sends one his men to fit it with a nuclear missile and another to pilot it. However, Alex Scott suddenly arrives and takes Gundars hostage to force everyone to surrender, but Rachel Wright, a BNS double agent who is working for Gundars, attacks him in the back and manages to disarm him. Zhu Tam's pilot then enters the activation code of the Switchblade but it turns out to be a wrong code which activates the self-destruction of the plane, so Wright decides to torture Scott in order to get the right code. However, the boxer Kelly Robinson, who is working with the BNS, arrives while Scott manages to free himself and grabs a weapon, and the two set off a firefight. Another BNS Agent called Carlos arrives by parachute and kills several men of Zhu Tam and Gundars before taking the latter hostage to force the others to surrender. Scott gets on the plane in order to stop its self-destruction while Robinson, who believes Carlos is a double agent, decides to knock him out. Then, Wright manages to seize one of his guns and she shoots both Zhu Tam and Gundars.