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It's a cruel fate that endows me with such potential for greatness.
~ Zhou Ming

Zhou Ming (in Chinese: 周明) is the secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.



Zhou Ming is suspected of masterminding several major counterfeiting operations in Liberty City and around the world. He was also suspected of being an informant for the FIB but Wu Lee was revealed as the culprit. He, Wu Lee, and Chan Jaoming compete to be Hsin Jaoming's successor.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Zhou first hires Huang Lee to steal crates from a gas station and deliver them to his club. Satisfied, Zhou then sends Lee to retrieve his friend from the airport. Later, Zhou discovers about Hsin's vehicles rigged by drug dealers. Lee is sent to disable the bombs while Zhou plots to steal the drugs and present himself as the savior.

He isn't satisfied, though. He accompanies Lee in the assault of the drug dealers. After the dealers are killed, they go to Zhou's club where he plots a bank heist. Lee decides to sabotage the heist by stealing the truck that is being used. Zhou is unaware of Lee's involvement.

The Triads credit Zhou as the person responsible for stealing their van and they interpret the act as betrayal. Zhou flees to a construction yard and attempts to board a chopper. Lee manages to kill all of Zhou's bodyguards before he kills Zhou.


Zhou Ming is selfish, overconfident, and bloodthirsty. He is arrogant to the point where he compares himself to everyone else. He is also greedy and always searches for money. Zhou will do anything to achieve what he wants even if he is forced to kill someone. It also turns out that he is a callous psychopath when he cuts his former friend's heart out with dagger. Despite Zhou's negative attributes, he appears to be loyal towards his gang.


  • His name may be based on the Chinese dynasties Zhou and Ming.
  • The status of Zhou's bar and club aren't stated. It is possible that they were shut down or taken over following his death.


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