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Then all of Poptropica will feel my wrath.
~ Zeus to the player if he/she refuses to do his quest.

Zeus is a boss in Mythology Island and Super Villain Island. He is first met on Mythology Island when the player collects the Golden Apple. He tells the player to go on a quest to retrieve five items: a Hydra scale, a giant pearl, a rose from the Sphinx's garden, the Minotaur's nose ring, and a Cerberus whisker, in exchange for immortality. Once they collect the five items and bring them back to the Tree of Immortality, Zeus appears and steals them all. Athena appears and helps the player piece together the scraps of paper that came with the items, which reveal that the possessor of the items will rule all of Poptropica. The player visits Zeus's brothers, Poseidon and Hades, who give him their trident and crown. With Hercules's help, the player gets into Mount Olympus, and they climb to the top. They battle with Zeus and defeat him. Later, on Super Villain Island, they meet him under the guise of Dr. Jupiter in his lab at the top of Erehwon Prison for Supervillains. He shows the player four Supervillains floating in tanks, fast asleep: The Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish, The Black Widow, and Dr. Hare. He tells the player to enter the villains' dreams and retrieve the totems of their evil: The Binary Bard's astrolabe, Captain Crawfish's model ship, Black Widow's paintbrush, and Dr. Hare's Golden Carrot. After collecting the totems, Jupiter takes them and transforms into Zeus using all the concentrated evil to take over Poptropica again. He blasts out of the prison, sending the player and the four villains tumbling into the sea. The villains make a break for it, and Poseidon appears, giving the player his trident once more. The player battles Zeus at the Statue of Liberty, which has been remade in Zeus's image. The player must expose the four totems and destroy them: the astrolabe is in the statue's necklace, the model ship in the pedestal, the paintbrush in the tablet the statue holds, and the carrot in the torch. Once all the totems are eliminated Zeus possesses the statue, and begins shooting lighting from its eyes. A good strategy is to hover in front of the larger eye, where you cannot be hit, and fire as fast as possible, as every strike will hit the eye. Finally, Zeus is defeated, and the prison wardens place Zeus in the last intact sleeping tank, where he remains.

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