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Zeus fantasia


Zeus is a villain in Disney's Fantasia, appearing as the former main antagonist in the the Pastoral Symphony segment. and he appears as a god who enjoys watching people suffer for his own personal entertainment.



Zeus interrupts Bacchus' party by getting his ally Vulcan to create thunder and then throws lightning bolts at the Centaurs, Cherubs and Pegasus to mess up the party, he also makes Tlaloc create heavy rain and sends Boreas (Fantasia) to make powerful winds and makes Auahiturora throw comets at Mount Olympus' citizens.

Zeus eventually gets bored and stops ruining the party, he then goes to sleep.

Dream Drop Distance

Though Zeus does not physically appear, he attacks Sora and the Spirts and Nightmares by throwing Lightning Bolts, he also creates a storm. You must stop Zeus by using Reality Shift.


  • This is the first of two depictions of the character in a Disney animated feature. Unlike his noble, jolly, Laid-back and good natured counterpart from that would appear decades later in 1997's Hercules, this Zeus is aggressive, arrogant and mischievous, more closely reflecting the original Zeus from Greek mythology.

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