Zeus is a male Boxer. He has the usual Boxer markings, and has dark colored eyes. He has a collar on. His ears are cropped to look like horns and his tail is docked to a mere stub. He is the main antagonist in the book series Dogs of the Drowned City.


The Storm

Zeus is first seen in the park. He is shown to be very good friends with Shep.

Later on, Zeus is seen again as one of the dogs Shep saves. He is proud to see his friend, since he's tired of being around yappers. After he is saved he doesn't want to help the other trapped dog, saying that they can take care of themselves. Luckily, Shpe convinces him to hlep rescue a few other dogs and get out of the apartment before it is destoroyed.

Zeus is annoyed with the yappers, so after the Wild Dogs attack, he leaves and asks Shep if he would join him. Shep declines, and Zeus calls him the "King of the Yappers" and leaves. After Shep kills and defeats Kaz, he questions any dog if they challenge him. And one dog does, and it is Zeus. Before the two friends fight, Shep sees the scar on Zeus's shoulder blades, he remarks that they had hurt him. He then replies that it was their way. During the fight, a massive waves crashes down. Shep sees Zeus clinging onto the shelves where Shep is standing. He tries to help his friend, but he sees Higgins in the water, and and apologizes. He releases him and saves Higgins, with Zeus yelling at him that he knew that he would be the king of the yappers.

The Pack

Some how, Zeus survives the tidal wave, and fights his way to the leader of the wild dog pack. Zeus kills many dogs in Shep's newly formed pack when he leads the wild dogs on an attack on the hideot of Shep's pack. Oscar  led him there due to frustration because Shep had shut down his club. Honey  later dies because of Zeus, and along with other dogs.

Shep later confronts Zeus and sees that he fought his way to the top of the pack. After a one on one fight, Shep's pack and an alligator come charging into the wild packs hideout and defeat them easily. Shep gets the upper hand on Zeus and severly injuries his right paw.

He is latered captured by humans, along with Blaze  and Callie.