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Zeta the Sorceress is a primary antagonist in the second season of Shimmer and Shine. She debuted in the episode Welcome to Zahramay Falls.

She is voiced by Lacey Chabert who also played Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls.


Zeta is Princess Samira's rival, who will do anything to become the most powerful person in Zahramay Falls. She is not very skilled at being evil. Her plans are always thwarted by the genies. Zeta hates being called a genie and is quick to correct people who mistake her for one. In some episodes, she find Angellina in the wrong place at the wrong time. Zeta will need to race to the gems before Angellina gets them.


Zeta has green eyes and long purple hair tied into a ponytail. As a sorceress, she wears green high heels shoes and a dark blue/purple dress. As a genie, she wears blue glasses and a teal outfit.


  • Zeta is the only character living in Zahramay Falls who is not a genie.
  • Zeta drives a flying motorcycle with a sidecar for Nazbill.
  • Zeta's voice actress, Lacey Chabert, previously provided the voice of Eliza on The Wild Thornberrys.


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