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I will... never die, as long there... is darkness, in the hearts
~ Zeromus

Zeromus (iゼin Japanese: ムス, Zeromusu) is the embodiment of evil and hatred from Zemus' spirit and all the galaxy. He is the final boss of the videogame Final Fantasy IV (retitled "Final Fantasy II" in English-speaking countries upon it's initial release). He thrives on the hate of worlds and was triggered by Zemus' demise. He first appears as a intangible and invincible being but using the power of the Crystals turns him into a physical creature that can be destroyed but cannot be fully slain.


Zeromus hates all life and shows no emotion but hate. An unquenchable hatred that knows no boundaries and makes him desire to destroy everything he despises, that is to say, everything in existence.


Know suffering! Know death!
~ Zeromus
My hatred will not be stanched until it has consumed all else! You shall be next. Come! Pass into this darkness I have wrought!
~ Zeromus



  • Zeromus is an extended version of Zemus, which is Amharic for "Prayer". Perhaps because of the added 'Zero', his name means "No Prayer".
  • In the Advance and Complete Collection releases of the game, Zeromus refers to himself in the plural as "we." The reason for this is unknown, and no other release gives him this trait.
  • The Esper known as Zeromus the Condemner from Ivalice was named after him. They both have Big Bang as their signature attack and are both corrupted by pure hatred. The Esper's design is a composite of the original and the "Zeromus EG" version, retaining various crustacean-like qualities.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Golbez's ultimate weapon is known as the "Zeromus Shard", named after the malevolent creature Zeromus.
  • It is possible for certain copies of Final Fantasy IV to freeze if the player goes back and forth between doors 64 times. Square's defunct newsletter, "Ogopogo Examiner" wrote this glitch off as a "trap created by Zeromus".
  • In the DS version, a Zeromus costume for Whyt can be obtained by completing the Bestiary.
  • In the Nintendo DS version, he is voiced by Michael McConnohie, who also voiced Fusoya and Cagnazzo.

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