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The Zero Nightmare

The Zero Nightmare

The Zero Nightmare (ゼロ ナイトメア Zero Naitomea) is the insane off-colored advanced form of the Nightmare Phenomenon with an appearance similar to the Maverick Hunter Zero created by Gate, through use of Zero's own DNA, and it plays a major antagonist role in Mega Man X6. When he is defeated, Zero will become a playable character. His only weakness is the Z-Saber now wielded by the heroic Maverick Hunter, Mega Man X.


Zero Nightmare was created by Gate and used by Isoc and High Max's investigation teams to justify their existence. The two claimed to want to get to the bottom of the Nightmares, but in reality knew the origins of it as Gate. Created from Zero's DNA, Zero Nightmare seemed to retain some of Zero's memories, but at the same time sought out the real Zero. The investigators were to have the public believe that Zero had fallen under the influence of the dreaded Nightmare, but Zero Nightmare had simply been created that way. The real Zero kept out of sight as the Zero Nightmare tarnished his name, and only revealed himself once X had disposed of the clone.

Power and Abilities

Zero Nightmare has the same exact arsenal as of Zero from Mega Man X5, using both his Z-Saber and Z-Buster to attacks, only with limited movepool and subsequent speed.

Note: With the exception of Shin Messenko (真滅閃光 "True Destroyer Glint") and Genmurei Kai (幻夢零改 "Phantasm Zero Revised"), none of those attack names are official.

  • Teleportation: Zero Nightmare can warp around the room in a dashing stance.
  • Z-Saber Slash: Zero Nightmare hold his Z-Saber up and after approx. half a second, he swings it.
  • Z-Buster Shots: Zero Nightmare shoots 2 shots that go straight a head.
  • Thousand Shots: Zero Nightmare shoots a large barrage of charge shots from his Z-Buster.
  • Denharei: Zero Nightmare launches a energy wave that is semi-homing from his saber after using Z-Buster.
  • Shin Messenko: Zero Nightmare punches the ground, making several energy projectiles fly up from the floor.
  • Genmurei Kai: Zero Nightmare attacks with a weaker version of Awakening Zero's final attack, firing off single giant energy waves at varying speeds.



  • If a battle between the real Zero and the Zero Nightmare is triggered through the use of a cheating device, the Zero Nightmare will use the quotes of High Max.
  • One very notable line that Zero Nightmare says upon encountering him, is "WHERE IS ZERO? WHERE IS HE HIDING? A BLUE ROBOT. ENEMY OF ZERO...KILL YOU!" It is interesting in that while searching for Zero, he identifies X as Zero's enemy. It is possible that along with some memories from Zero, he may possibly have inherited some of Zero's memory of his mission to destroy X. This is also supported by his imperfect usage of Genmurei, an attack used only by Awakening Zero in X5. The conflict of memories could be the cause for his mental instability.

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