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Crush me? Stop the cannon? Give it a shot, if you dare!
~ Zero

Zero is the main villain from The King of Fighters' 2000.


Zero is a clone of another agent from NESTS with the same name. He was ordered to watch over Krizalid and his mission of activating the Kyo Kusanagi's clones to take over the world. With Krizalid's failure, he neutralizes all clones and terminates Krizalid. However, Zero was over ambitious, and decided to start his own plan of world domination. He disguised himself as an agent named Ling, who was Heidern's agent, infiltrating his squad to get all the info about NESTS. He creates a clone of Ling, leaving him in charge of watching Heidern and hosting the King of Fighters tournament with the excuse of luring K' and Maxima and search NESTS base, while he used NESTS technology to create the Zero Cannon, a space-based weapon. During the tournament, the fake Ling surrenders Heidern and his agents to stop any resistance. Zero then appears after the winning team, who happened to be K's team. He tells a large generator is beneath them, which siphons the energy of anyone he fights and sends it to the cannon. Just to show he is not bluffing, he fires the cannon into a small portion of Southtown. He challenges K', but is defeated. Even so he tells it is not over, because not only he holds the controller of the generator, but the fake Ling has one controller as well. He tries activating it, but the generator malfunctions and explodes. Just then, Diana and Foxy appears behind him, telling nobody can betray NESTS. While Heidern neutralizes the fake Ling, the cannon is fired, not only killing Zero but also destroying Southtown completely.


Being the complete opposite of his original, Zero is very arrogant and ambitious.

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