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Zero is the main antagonist of the creepypasta, Zero. Zero is an imaginary friend of Alice, the main protagonist, that goes insane and controls Alice's mind, causing her to turn into Zero. Zero draws the number zero in blood where her victim has been murdered.

Summary Of Story

A girl named Alice has an imaginary friend named, Zero. Zero protects Alice from bullies, and other people. Alice forgets about Zero due to more important things in life. Zero becomes psychotic and enraged. Zero makes Alice kill her parents. Alice gets adopted by an abusive neighbor, Mr. Rodgers. Alice beats up the people that bully her while she walks out of school, She starts to hear voices. A few days later (time skip in the story remember this is a summary). Alice comes home from school and doesn't see Mr.Rodgers. She thinks he isn't there, but she trips on a bloody sledge hammer, she looks up to see Mr. Rodger's skull smashed in. The voices come back and she passes out. She wakes up in a room full of mirrors. She keeps hearing the voices. She gets mad and breaks the mirrors. She wakes up and she is now Zero. Zero then kills Alice's friend, Ann.


Zero has a black shirt, black pants (or shorts), and black shoes. She might also have black stockings. She has paper white skin. She has a smile stitched onto her face. She has black around her eyes. Her eyes are white. She also has a black and white striped scarf, and black gloves.


Zero is sarcastic and insane, And loves monochromatic grey, white, and blacks. Zero appears to be very twisted due to her torturing the dead bodies of those she kills. This is shown by her torturing Ann's dead body.


She is Similar to Laughing Jack.