Zephyrus is one of the antagonists in the japanese-korean anime, Ragnarok the Animation. He was an insane magician, who served the evil monster called Dark Lord alongside the other servants, Keough, a knight and Zealotus, a Demi-Human in a quest for collecting the Seven Strengths (known as the Seven Deadly Sins) to revive Dark Lord and allowed him to conquer the world of Rune-Midgard and bring forth the age of the monsters.


Not much was known of his past, but it was once said that Zephyrus was a greatest magician in the kingdom of Rune-Midgard and have a family, which consisted of his wife and his daughter. Born with the power of magic, Zephyrus decides to use his magic to help both his family and the whole society. However, a fateful day came into Zephyrus' life when the experiment on the magical power in which he was doing went terribly wrong as it destroyed his home and killed his entire family. Devastated at the situation, Zephyrus began to break down in tears and mourned their deaths


Powers & Abilities