Zephon is one of the villains from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


Zephon was formerly a Sarafan Inquisitor, who hunted down vampires ordered by Moebius. He is killed by the wraith Raziel, who came from the future. Centuries later, when Kain rises his vampiric empire, he resurrects Zephon as one of his lieutenants. After Raziel, first-born of Kain's lieutenants, was thrown into the abyss labeled as a traitor, all the vampire clans scattered through Nosgoth.

Zephon and his clan moved to the Silenced Cathedral, a large towering structure built by humans to destroy the vampires. Zephon crawled his way to the top of the structure, where he created a hive and mutated into a large spider-like creature. He didn't even needed to get out of the place, since anyone unfortunate enough to enter the place would easily fall on Zephon's web and become his food. After Raziel arose from the abyss as a wraith, he went after Zephon, making his way through the tower. As the two meet, Raziel remarks how Zephon became a fine reflection of his own dark soul.

Zephon mockingly answers he is not Kain's handsome Raziel anymore, and that he would become just another of his prey. Zephon attacks Raziel with his claws, which he destroys with his wraith blade. Raziel then grabs some of Zephon's cocoons and lit them on fire, throwing them at Zephon, who is caught on fire and is roasted to death.

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