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I've seen many evil people in this world. But you ..... you have no compassion, your eyes are immersed in darkness, you are just a depraved soul will burn in hell for all eternity!
~ Galdo about Zenke.
Don't screw with me! As long as I live, I'll never admit defeat! I'll fight until I'm nothing but blood and meat! If you want to win, kill me! Come on, do it! DO IT!
~ Zenke
Let's go! Kill each other! You are just brothers. Kill each other! Entertain me! Cut the head of each other, cut your members, take bath in the blood of each other! [...] If you care about brotherly love so much, then die just die together!
~ Zenke kills 2 brothers after forcing them to kill each other.
You stupid f#%king useless fairy! Just die!
~ Zenke after killing one of his fairies for her failure.

Zenke was an antagonist which serves as one of the primary antagonists in the Japanese videogame Fairy Fancer F. He is an inhumane, cruel, monstrous and sadistic human which spread terror, death and fear around the world for his own entertainment. He is responsible for the destruction of countless villages and the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Psychological Description

Known by all as a cruel human and an insane sociopath, he is a man who is quite sadistic and insane in nature, enjoying the misery and suffering of others. Zenke takes every opportunity to upset others by mocking them, deliberately provoking them, or even bringing up and prodding at a sensitive topic; all for his own enjoyment. However, he also harbors a cold and ruthless side when someone upsets or irritates him, in which case he starts torturing them excessively. He is rather arrogant and is confident that anyone he picks a fight with can't do a thing against him, and tends to get rather loud when it seems that something isn't going according to his plans.

Zenke delights in forcing people to fight each other in order to sever their personal bonds. He is so twisted that even women and children are not exempt from his cruelty, he simply requires brothers, relatives, women and even children to kill each other for his own enjoyment. He is abusive to his own team, and even outright murders them on occasion for fun or for their failure.


~ Zenke
Bloody bloody bloody rain! I'm going to flood the world with blood!
~ Zenke going crazy
I never get bored of seeing lovers kill each other. It's definitely the greatest feeling in the world!
~ Zenke to Fang and Tiara
You know what wil happen to you if I keep getting pissed off right?
~ Zenke to one of his men
I got him all shook up and that useless bastard still couldn't kill him!
~ Zenke watching his plans fail
Amazing, Amazing, YOUR SO AMAZING!
~ Zenke to Fang
PREPARED!? Your prepared for nothing you useless welp!
~ Zenke to Galdo