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Zeed is a villain from Fist of the North Star and the first named opponent Kenshiro faces. He is the leader of a biker gang who robs and murders the innocent in search for food and water. He is identified by his Z666 tattoo on his forehead. When he and his gang attacked Lin's village and even used her as a hostage, Kenshiro was angered enough to break out of the cell the villagers held him in and killed Zeed and his gang.


  • Zeed's size is inconsistent. In some shots, he's significantly taller than Kenshiro, while in other shots he's as large as a building.
  • He is also known as "Zenda" (English dub)
  • In Toki Gaiden, Amiba persuaded Zeed to attack the Village of Miracles, but Toki defeated him. Toki spared him but erased his memories of the village or Amiba.

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