Angry Zed

Zed yelling at Gary, which is the most infamous act of Zed in 64 Zoo Lane.

Zed is usually a protagonist and supporting character in 64 Zoo Lane. He is a zebra with black and purple stripes. He has usually done at least a few villainous roles.

Villainous Roles

Season 1=

  • The Story of Zed the Zebra - He taunt the animals to lose. When the animals challenge him to a diffult race, he was unable to do the races. But he was distracted by the water hole, then the animals won the race.

Season 2

Gary, stop saying "Brilliant"... and stop copying me; you're not a zebra... and you're not my friend! You're just a nuisance; go away!
~ Zed yelling at Gary for copying him.
  • The Story of Gary's Best Friend - He ends up bullying Gary after being painted black and white, accusing the dromedary for copying him and saying "Brilliant". Soon as Zed yells at Gary, Georgina, Molly, and Nathalie did a backlash on him for being rude to Gary. The next day, he returns to the desert where Gary is sulking to despair how rude he has been. Zed is taught a dance by Gary and the animals began to reform. Many viewers found this moment from the episode very harsh and hypocritical of how Zed has treated other residents of Africa.

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  • A clip which shows the most infamous act of Zed the Zebra. (dead link)