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Zed is an Anubian Baskurr formerly own by the Greatest Hunter in the Galaxy, joining Ben Ten's team as "Kevin's Dog" for Kevin saving her life.
Khyber's Dog (Anubian Baskurr)

Khyber's loyal pet


She is founded by Khyber and chosen as a "worthy tool" for his hunting career. Ever since she been train and respond to his master commands.

The Nemetrix 

With every test subject failing to remain stable and control of their transformations. Due her savage nature, she is the perfect host for the Nemetrix and responds to Khyber's commands.

Defeating Ben 10

At first her three transformations didn't defeat Ben. But with her master present, she more acturate at the right forms of defeating Ben 10 and win each transformations. Taking the prey back to ship. Until Ben escape and defeated again with the wrong prey (Tyrannopede is Humongosaur's natural predator and defeated by Grey Matter's Hephasestan Nero Grip, the a paralyzing move use on her by Khyber). She and his survived the ship crashing in the forest, both fail to capture Ben Tennyson.

Out of Control

The Nemetrix becomes unstable and randomly change forms. Later, Dr.Pychobos fixes the device and turn back to normal. 


She keeps Ben busy while her master fighting against Rook and Malware download the codes for the Galvan Defense. She retreated and returns to the Faction.

Downfall of the Galvans

She gains another predator DNA from a fossil (Omnivoracious) and downloaded to the Nemetrix, sent kill Azmuth and turning after Ben. She becomes confused of the  whistle commands from her master and Azmuth's fossil whistle, trick to turn into Vicetopus and attack Dr. Psychobos of squeezing the life out. Khyber takes the Nemetrix of her collar and becomes captive by the Galvan Guards. Then, escaping from the guards during the destruction Galvan B and continues to helping Malware by attacking to prevent him of stopping the invasion. But, he becomes trapped under boulder and Kevin save him. He later saved his life by pushing out of harms way, he later becomes Kevin's dog and revealed to a female (Due of Kevin's studying on alien lifeforms classes.)  


She ressembles a cross between a dinosaur canine and feline features (e.g longer hind legs), with a blue body and blacks stripes. Dog-like face, ears, legs, body and tail, feline-like feet and reflexes. 


She is extremely agile, keen sense of smell and enhanced strength to throw a human across the room. Also, high audible range and powerful roar.

With the Nemetrix

*Crabdozer: A rhino beetle-like predator immuned to fire and etxtreme heat, rock-like body breaking the hardest and toughest material. (Predator of Pyronites)

Buglizard (Nemitrix)


*Buglizard (species:Buglizards)A four-eyed white reptile that emit yellow fogs, extremely agile and fast of hunting their prey (Leidopterrans).
  • Slamworm: A giant worm-like creature with great digging speed and travels underground. (Predator of Talpadans).
  • Terroanchula
  • Tyrannopede
  • Hypnotick
  • Omnivoracious:
  • Vicetopus (species:Vicetopus): Alarge dark, red ocutopus with powerful beak, extended tentacles and powerful strenght. Predator of Cerebocrustaceans and immuned to electrical attacks of it's prey.


Vicetopus (Nemetrix)


  • She is only pet own by a villain in the Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • In Episodes Showndown Part 1 & Part 2, Khyber's Dog is abandon by Khyber and later saved by Kevin. Resulting a new loyalty to Kevin E. Levin and revealing to be a "girl", meaning Khyber doesn't care about her gender at all.
  • She finally named "Zed" by Kevin and reveals she doesn't like Argit, similar to Gwen's attitude towards him too. 

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