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Zebra Daddy (Earth-616)

Zebra Daddy is a criminal who appears in the Marvel universe and attempted to force X-23 into prostitution, during the struggle to prevent this X-23 and her friends discovered that Zebra Daddy was also the man who murdered Kiden Nixon's father years previous to the story.

Unlike most villains of the X-Men franchise (of which X-23 is a part of) Zebra Daddy is neither a supervillain or a mutant but rather a successful non-superhuman pimp, however he was just as dangerous as any criminal and was a crime lord with influence that allowed him to gather gangs of gun-welding thugs to his aid whenever he desired it.

Zebra Daddy is arguably one of Marvel's darker villains in the fact he deals drugs, murders and is heavily involved in the prostitution business: making him a somewhat more realistic and disturbing villain than the other more outlandish villains common in comic books.

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