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In Columbia, Crows attack you

Zealot of the Lady, also referred to as the Crow, is a Heavy Hitter enemy featured in BioShock InfiniteElite members of the Fraternal Order of the Raven and former devotees of the sainted Lady Comstock, Zealots are encountered occasionally in the game and fought alone or with several other regular enemies.


Dressed entirely in soot-black robes, and pointed black hoods concealing their faces, Zealots primarily resemble the birds which their order worships, namely ravens and crows. Chained to their backs are large coffins which represent their failure at preventing the death of Lady Comstock. A sword is detailed onto the front of their masks, symbolizing their role as soldiers and purifiers for the Founders, as well as representing the swords which they wield in combat. In combat, Zealots will usually be seen as a moving flock of black birds as they rarely remain in one place unless stunned or unaware of the player's presence, making them indistinct and more difficult to focus on than their slower Fireman counterparts.


  • Although the Zealots of the Lady predominantly wear soot-black robes, there are several instances where this is not the case. The first example is in the Hall of Heroes, in which a couple of Slate's Soldiers exhibit the abilities of a Crow, with the addition of black chains painted all around them. The second instance of changed attire appears in the Bank of the Prophet, with a Zealot of the Lady in red robes and red marks on his coffin (possibly a Vox Populi-aligned Zealot) appearing once the player approaches the Tear. The third instance is at Comstock House, where a Zealot can be found wearing white robes.
  • In the Art of BioShock Infinite, the Crow's Zealot of the Lady appearance was one of three concepts for the Splicer-equivalent "Vigor Junkies". The other two concepts were versions of Charles.
  • Using "teleportation" by turn into literal crows and the idea is sound simply unrealistic, the Zealots of the Lady served as the Columbia equivalent to Rapture's Houdini Splicers.