Zawaz was a Covenant Grunt Minor who was assigned as a foot soldier on board the Covenant Cruiser in 2552. During the Battle of Reach, Zawaz landed on Reach along with the rest of the Covenant ground forces and was supposed to be on the lookout for threats to the landing zone of the Covenant cruiser, but fell asleep on duty. He woke up dropping an expensive Covenant Motion Scanner. It still worked, so he was very grateful. He spotted three Banshees but ignored them because he believed his Elite commanding officers would be angered. Unfortunately for him and the others, those Banshees were piloted by SPARTAN II's: Frederic-104, Joshua-029 and Kelly-087. The Spartans dropped Tactical Nukes on the ship's Gravity Lift, which took them inside the cruiser, detonated the ship, and killed Zawaz along with the Covenant forces aboard the ship and around the Gravity Lift.