Strike, brothers! Make the fool pay for our abuse and enslavement!
~ Zavok

Zavok is the leader of the Deadly Six, and is one of the primary antagonists in Sonic Lost World and will return as one of the main antagonists in Sonic Forces.


Zavok is a Zeti from an unknown habitat that is mostly red. His lower torso, horns, head, shoulder spikes, and spiked wristbands are black, while his finger nails, ponytail, and dinosaur-like toes are colored cyan. He has purple eyes and yellow sclera. He has a tough-like appearance.

According to the Nintendo Direct Wii U coverage revealed on August 7, 2013, Zavok and the Deadly Six control several badniks to take down Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot. Although it is unknown at this time, it could be possible that Zavok and the Deadly Six could have the ability to control machines with low artificial intellegence.


Sonic Lost World

In Sonic Lost World, Doctor Eggman attempts to harness the power of Zavok and the other Deadly Six members in an attempt to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and conquer the world. However, Zavok and the Deadly Six rise up against Eggman and break free, threatening to destroy the world by themselves by using Eggman's unstable Extrator machine to absorb Earth's energy and increase their power.

Zavok is the last of the Deadly Six to be fought, and Sonic defeats him twice, the second time sending him falling, although he survives. Zavok is mad about Sonic to Tails because he embarrassed him once again. He tries to brainwash Tails as a robot, but Tails escapes using one of his tails and one of Zomom's toothpicks to reprogram the machine.

Zavok appears in Zone 3 of Lava Mountain alongside Zeena and Zor, and is again the sixth to be fought. Sonic defeats him with two Homing Attacks, after which he turns giant and chases Sonic up a shaft, shooting fireballs at him. Sonic hits explosive blocks at him, which eventually defeats him and sends him falling into the lava pit below, presumably killing him (although Eggman seems to suggest otherwise with plans of controlling the Deadly Six again, but he may have not witnessed the battle due to construction of his mech, and assumed they escaped or was referring to other Zeti other than the Six as he actually never says the Zeti were the Six.).

Sonic Forces

As shown in the most recent E3 trailer for Sonic Forces, Zavok is shown to have survived his fall and will appear as one of the main antagonists of the game, alongside Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Chaos and an unnamed new villain.

Powers and Abilities

Zavok is the overall most powerful of the Deadly Six. Zavok is a capable fighter and can manipulate energy in several forms such as: surroidning his fist with red energy, and fiiring an energy beam out of his mouth. Zavok is also pyrokinetic, being able to shoot fire ballds from both his hands and his mouth. Zavok also possess super speed and flight and is a master acrobat, being able to leap huge distances in one bound. Being a Zeti he can also manipulate magnetic fields.

Zavok also has the ability to increases his size and take on his "Full Strength" state, in this form Zavok is much more durable, and is far stronger as well, he is now able to shoot much larger beams of energy, and balls of fire from his mouth.


Zavok is the cruel leader of the Deadly Six. Like all Zetis Zavok has the power to control machines with his mind but he is more powerful than the rest of the Six.

Zavok was malicious, brutal, cunning, sadistic, ruthless, vengeful and intimidating.

As revealed in the game he is an omnicidal maniac as he wished to destroy an entire world so he and the Six could grow even more powerful. He has an antisocial personality and is very vicious, mocking Sonic over his friend Tails being transformed into a robot. He was vengeful as well destroying an entire world only to spite his captor, Eggman.

Zavok has shown to be very intelligent, able to recognise that Sonic would have been more valuable to him as an ally and attempted to kidnap the hedgehog so they could turn him into a robot. He is manipulative as shown when he tricked Zeena into going after Sonic using compliments and flattery.

He wasn't above using his teammates as tools, at least for his own personal goal as when he sent Zazz to destroy the hedgehog and didn't care if he won or lost as long as he learnt about his enemy. The only person Zavok showed respect towards was master Zik who had trained him. He can be very insulting as well calling Doctor Eggman "a fat fool" and when they abducted the wrong hedgehog he was outraged and insulted them (except for Master Zik).

He can be sarcastic at times, when overlooking Eggman's Badnik factory he mockingly calls him "a mighty conqueror."


You are quite the mighty conqueror.
~ Zavok's sarcastic voice.
That's what I like about you, Zazz. Always ready for a fight, even before you know what we're fighting.
~ Zavok to Zazz.
Win or lose, I'll learn something about our enemy.
~ Zavok, learning Sonic from Zazz.
We don't care about your disappointment, "master."
~ Zavok, annoyed by Doctor Eggman.
Speak for yourself.
~ Zavok, having plans of his own.
Please, Master Zik; this is not something you should trouble yourself with. It's beneath you.
~ Zavok to Master Zik.
What would you say if I told you we could destroy Eggman's world and use its energy to make ourselves unbelievably powerful?
~ Zavok, unveiling his plans.
Well what if I told you that you were the only one I trusted to fast enough...and pretty beat the blue nuisance?
~ Zavok, fooling Zeena to face Sonic.
Your efforts are impressive, little hedgehog, but you are destined to fail, as the fat fool has failed before you.
~ Zavok, seen on the screen.
Your threats are almost amusing as your mustache. I must commend you on your invention, though. We get stronger and stronger as we leech the life from your dying world.
~ Zavok, mocking Dr. Eggman.
You incompetent fools! I cannot trust you with the simplest of tasks. All right. We can work this to our advantage.
~ Zavok, after discovering Tails.
Don't worry, we're actually making him better. He'll be much happier as a robot.
~ Zavok, revealing his plans for Tails as a robot.
One by one, your friends are falling. Soon you will be all alone
~ Zavok to Sonic.
Your friend has embarrassed me for the last time. YOU will be the instrument of my revenge.
~ Zavok to Tails.
Give up now and join your friend.
~ Zavok, revealing Tails to Sonic as a robot.
I was hoping you'd say that. Destroy Sonic.
~ Zavok, after Sonic refused to serve him.
~ Zavok, after discovering Tails who is no longer under his control.



  • Zavok is based of off Bowser of the Mario series. Likely because Nintendo assissted Sega in the making of Lost World. The two share similarities in appearance and abilities.
  • The role he plays is similar to that of Antasma in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Both are seemingly the main villain, but are overshadowed by the series antagonist Bowser and Eggman, who are the true villains and final bosses, while Zavok and Antasma are the second to last boss and secondary villain. Interestingly enough, both Bowser and Eggman take a fall at the end and survive, while Antasma and (presumably) Zavok are killed.
  • Zavok bears resemblance to the equally dark Tirek from G1 of My Little Pony. Also, his tail gives him slight resemblance to Janemba from the Dragonball Z movie Fusion Reborn.
  • Zavok also bears some certain similarities to WWE wrestler, the Undertaker.
  • With his control of robots he is similar to another Sonic Villain - Lyric, as both were able to take Dr. Eggman's robots for themselves.
  • Zavok's name rhymes with havoc.

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