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Zarm was the spirit of Earth before Gaia, but that's where the similarities end. Whereas Gaia sees the goodness in humanity, Zarm seeks to prove that all humans are wicked on the inside, and preys on humans feelings of arrogance and greed. Leaving Earth eons ago, Zarm spent his immortal life causing war on other worlds, leaving many in ruin. When he returned to Earth, he manipulated four of the Planeteers into harnessing more war like weapons, but Ma-Ti saw thru his ruse, and he was swiftly defeated by Captain Planet. But Zarm knows that a good general never surrenders, and always comes up with a scheme to let humanity destroy itself.

Zarm represents the ecological disaster of war and destruction.


As an Earth spirit, Zarm is immortal, and has vast magical powers, such as illusion casting and teleportation.

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